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It’s Time for Functional Programming to Escape the Ivory Tower

Eric Normand makes Functional Programming accessible, taking complex academic ideas and making them useful for the software industry.

Eric is a sought-after speaker and trainer. He consults with companies and organizations to bring Functional Programming to their teams. His thoughtful essays help steer the FP conversation.

Recent Essays

Clojure vs. The Static Typing World

Rich Hickey explained the design choices behind Clojure and made many statements about static typing along the way. I share an interesting perspective and some stories from my time as a Haskell programmer. I conclude with a design challenge for the statically typed world.

Programming Paradigms and the Procedural Paradox

I break down two perspectives (their features and their methodologies) for the three most common paradigms. I also explore why paradigms are so easy to argue about, and what we can do about it.

What is an abstraction?

We explore some of the background behind the meaning of the word abstraction and why we do it.

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